How Can I Help?

Write to Governor Newsom:

Compose a message on his website or share your posts and tag @GovernorNewsom on Twitter and GavinNewsom on Facebook.

Write to Your Representatives:

Visit Find Your Rep.Legislature.CA.Gov to find your Rep and contact them with your opposition to the tunnel debacle.

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Post Your Own Great Stories About the Delta:

Email images and other content to, tag us @NoTunnelDotOrg or use #NoTunnel.

Volunteer Your Time to Raise Awareness:

Let us know how you'd like to help. Email to get involved.

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Boycott Products That Benefit Pro-Tunnel Interests:

The pro-tunnel Reznick family owns the following brands, and we'd love your solidarity in boycotting them:

Fiji Water

JUSTIN Wines & Landmark Wines

Halos Tangerines & Wonderful Sweet Scarletts Texas Grapefruit


Pom Wonderful

Wonderful Pistachios & Wonderful Almonds

JNSQ Perfume

Paramount Farms & Paramount Citrus Association